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On Thursday, July 29, EERE will host a virtual roundtable event to promote the Department of Energy’s efforts to decarbonize America’s manufacturing sector and pave the way to a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. As part of the Department’s weeklong “Future of Manufacturing” observance, Secretary Granholm will announce several major manufacturing initiatives during the event.

Manufacturing is the backbone of our economy. Technological advances in energy-efficiency, electrification, use of low carbon fuels, and CCUS for manufacturing will play a critical role in the effort to achieve the Biden Administration’s ambitious industrial decarbonization goals. Advances in manufacturing are also required to produce the clean energy technologies required to decarbonize the rest of the economy. That’s why DOE is harnessing American ingenuity to develop and deploy novel energy technologies that will reduce our collective carbon footprint. The Future of Manufacturing campaign underscores DOE’s commitment to bringing America’s public and private sectors into dialogue about the future of manufacturing and how the sector will support a decarbonization program that benefits all Americans. As such, this panel discussion will feature a diverse range of stakeholders from government, academia, and DOE’s private-sector partners.


  • Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm
  • Representative Haley Stevens
  • Jane Flegal, Senior Director for Industrial Emissions at the White House Council on Environmental Quality
  • Leon Topalian, Chairman of American Iron and Steel Institute and Nucor Chief Executive Officer
  • John Dyck, Chief Executive Officer of CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute
  • Mike Clemmer, Director Corporate & Manufacturing Facilities & Environmental, Nissan North America
  • Charles Manzione, Manager, Safety Environmental & Metal Finishing, KYB Americas
  • Mike McKittrick, Director of Advanced Manufacturing Office


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