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See CESMII's John Dyck on a panel to discuss "Agile Manufacturing and Supply Chains"


This panel will focus on the movement toward resilient manufacturing and supply chains and how being agile can improve a company’s performance. Becoming more agile can enhance customer relationships, reduce waste, and reduce the impact on the environment. Present and future thinking will be presented from organizations supporting agile and smart manufacturing and companies that are on the journey.

The panel will address these ideas and topics:

  • How to create a roadmap, and then begin the journey towards Resilience. How to quantify the value of that end state and build a business case that justifies the necessary investments to fund that journey. COVID-19 revealed some deep-rooted shortcomings in our approach to manufacturing and to supply chain design in the U.S. and it wasn’t long before industry experts began proclaiming the need for Resilient Manufacturing and/or Supply Chains. What’s in short supply though is pragmatic guidance for the move from theory to implementation (e.g. roadmaps to resilience, business case development).
  • How to better understand your customers and their needs. How metadata can be used to understand customer needs and trends. How information can be shared across your broader organization to better understand customer trends and expectations.
  • How a well-trained, motivated worker on the factory floor can become an essential source of value creation – a ‘Citizen Technologist’ – when digitally equipped and engaged in the quest for productivity and significance. The manufacturing workforce represents a tremendous, untapped resource for U.S. manufacturers, and it’s taken a pandemic to bring this into the limelight. Attention to, and expectations for the Connected Worker concept have risen dramatically, thanks to the converging momentum behind Smart Manufacturing and a wave of innovation around COVID-19 that is positioning the factory worker front and center in digital manufacturing transformation.
  • How an agile supply chain improves sustainability and provides opportunities for improved energy and carbon efficiency.


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