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See CESMII's CEO John Dyck present with other tech professionals at this half-day event.


One day; 9am to 12:00pm CST

Keynotes: Discussions with experts in the chosen vertical about trends, best practice business models, and innovative and disruptive technologies with a focus on the advancement of Midwest and Great Lakes region research and commercialization.

Company Presentations: Corporate executives from different segments of the chosen vertical individually present their views of what their companies and industries face over the next decade and how academic research could inform and participate in that future.

Roundtables: An executive from each company leads a post-presentation discussion with representatives from several academic research institutions. Companies choose the research organizations that will participate in their roundtables during a pre-program “draft."

Wrap-ups: Optional discussion, program suggestions and networking.


5 Lakes Institute Mission

•       Encourage the creation of multiple high-growth, category kings in the Great Lakes Region by helping to identify and scale-up under-managed platform companies started by corporate and private equity investors.

 •       Accelerate the development of best-in-class health-IT platforms that simultaneously reduce costs and improve quality of healthcare services in the region.

 •       Accelerate the repatriation of high-technology product supply chains in the region by helping to deploy “lighthouse manufacturing” information systems.

 •       Transform industrial equipment manufacturing businesses in the region by expanding post-sale customer service platforms to provide continuous monitoring, maintenance & repair, and recycling.

 •       Reduce the operating costs and improve the livability of leading Great Lakes metro areas by encouraging widespread adoption of “smart” technologies, including smart cities, smart neighborhoods, smart buildings, smart transportation, and smart infrastructure.


Our ecosystem is inclusive by design,
and everyone has a role to play.
Come find yours!



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