CESMII Annual Meeting 2019 Cost Share Forms


As you know, CESMII represents a public-private funding partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE).   Therefore, for every $1 of Federal funding we accept, we also have to match it with $1 of cost-share (in-kind) contribution from our Members.   Capturing your time spent at the Annual Meeting and total travel expenses incurred (transportation, lodging, food) allows CESMII to fulfill its cost share obligations and provide more value for its Members.

Therefore, we would like to fully recognize the value of your Annual Meeting time and total travel expenses,  and would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the attached  Cost Share form. Also attached is an annotated sample for your reference. When complete, please send the forms along with any questions to our membership coordinator Renee (renee.an@cesmii.org). If you have trouble downloading the files, please reach out to her for support.