Training Sessions and Governance Board Meeting Locations at the Luskin Center, UCLA

Please see the detailed map!


The Training Sessions will be held at the Optimist Room (Smart Manufacturing Cost Justification & ROI) and the Legacy Room (Smart Manufacturing Resetting the Discussion). The Governance Board Meeting will be held in the Synergy Room. These rooms are located on the second floor of the Luskin Conference Center at UCLA. A layout of the map is attached to provide you a detailed outlook of the Luskin Center. In the map you will see red boxes that highlight the rooms along with parking instructions and entering points.

Training Session: Smart Manufacturing:  Resetting the Discussion 

  • Overview of Smart Manufacturing

  • 21st Century Global Supply Chain REquirements

  • Continuous Improvement Concepts & Practices as a Driver for Smart Manufacturing

  • The Role of Smart Connected Systems for Scalable Continuous Improvement Across Global Supply Chains

  • Global Market Advances Adaptive Manufacturing:  The Business Requirements and Theory

**All Sessions are full and no longer available.**

Training Session: Smart Manufacturing:  Cost Justification and ROI

This session will introduce attendees to the concepts and major components required to complete an ROI and justification.  It will also provide guidance about the kinds of questions that need to be answered througout the process and the vairous considerations that need to be included in the calculations.

**All Sessions are full and no longer available.**

More Information

All Training Session are provided by MESA International.

To continue beyond the Annual Meeting, all CESMII member organizations will receive one (1) complementary code to take MESA's "Journey to Smart Manufacturing" and/or "Smart Manufacturing Justification & RoI" online course, as well as discounted codes for additional seats. Details provided at the meeting.

**All Sessions are full and no longer available.**