CESMII Launch and Overview
    Ray Collett, CEO, CESMII

    Guest Speaker Presentations:

    Importance of Investing in Energy Innovation and Manufacturing
    Mark Johnson, Director, AMO, DOE

    Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, Sudarsan Rachuri, Federal Program Manager, AMO, DOE

    OSIsoft Overview and Marketplace Impacts
    John Matranga, Director of Customer Innovation & Academia, OSIsoft

    Smart Data
    Adam Livesay, CTO, MIQ

    Smart Manufacturing: Making Automation Intelligent,
    Jagish Rebello Global Vice President, Marketsandmarkets

    Data-Driven Product Development
    Douglas Ramsey, Vice President, Citrine Informatics

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    CESMII Kickoff Event

    February 22-23, 2017

    Pauley Pavilion Club, UCLA Campus | Los Angeles, CA 90095
    By registration only. Space is limited.

    CESMII: Greater than the Sum of its Parts

    Major investments in American Manufacturing are driving transformations toward a sustainable future.  The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) is a national network that brings over $140M public-private investment uniting leaders from industry, universities, national labs, associations and government to radically improve the precision, performance and efficiency of U.S. advanced manufacturing. Over 200 partners across 30+ states joined this Smart Manufacturing Movement to transform the landscape of Manufacturing.

    What is the value of Smart Manufacturing and how will it be achieved through CESMII?  Industries of all types and sizes are trying to sustain, compete, innovate and grow their businesses in a global economy. Learn how CESMII will tackle today’s challenges and build value across a wide-spectrum of manufacturing stakeholders to achieve manufacturing innovation, sustainability and growth and improved economic development.In this Kickoff, learn about the Institute’s goals, structure and value proposition. Hear from partners why Smart Manufacturing is critical to the future of manufacturing through success stories and considerations for collaboration with CESMII. Join interactive discussions and learn about immediate opportunities to engage with CESMII.

    Thank you to our supporting partners! 

    CESMII joined Manufacturing USA, a national network of manufacturing hubs. A public-private partnership, CESMII is headquartered in Los Angeles through support from the City of LA and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). CESMII launched in partnership with the Department of Energy's (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) within the Office of Energy Efficiency and renewable Energy (EERE).