Power of a National Network


CESMII is a national network of Regional Manufacturing Centers (RMCs) each focused on local relationships with opportunities for national impact in the areas of technology transfer and workforce development. The power of the network is cross-linking resources, capabilities and expertise across business, workforce and technical focus areas, leveraging each region’s unique industrial environments. The regions include the California, Gulfcoast, Southeast, Northeast, Midwest and Northwest. The headquarters is located in Los Angeles, CA.

CESMII Kick-off Event Feb 22-23, 2017


CESMII officially launched on December 20, 2016. The CESMII Kick-off brought together partners from our national network to learn about the Institute’s goals and the value of participating with CESMII.  Executives from industry, academia, national labs, national associations and government agencies contributed to plan next steps in working together. Leaders from across the nation shared why Smart Manufacturing is critical to the future of manufacturing innovation, sustainability and growth.