American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Advanced Measurement Technology Opportunity

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has been a very strong proponent of Smart Manufacturing and CESMII.  They recently announced a funding opportunity for sensors needed for the steel-making process that is well aligned with CESMII goals.

The Steel industry has a need for sensors which can measure various parameters throughout the steelmaking process. To date, these measurements have not been possible due to the extreme temperatures and conditions experienced. The industry has a need for these sensors to provide for more accurate modeling, real-time sensing, and overall quality improvements. Some of the measurement devices needed would provide the ability to measure oxygen in liquid metal, slag depth, liquid metal temperature, rolling mill temperatures, pickle bath chemistry, acidity, and copper levels, cold rolling stand load and separating force. In addition to the sensors, there is also a need for big data analysis. A system is necessary to analyze and compile the data from the sensors in order to make it readable and usable to predict issues.  AISI is soliciting research proposals from North American organizations including industry, universities, government and private laboratories, and combinations thereof.  This solicitation is based on the technological needs of the industry identified by AISI’s Committee on Manufacturing and Technology. 

The response to this request is due on April 26. 

Additional Information including instructions for submitting proposals can also be found at