A CESMII Affinity Group is a group of members from the CESMII membership base that has an interest in a particular manufacturing sector or problem.  These groups can be formed within a single region, may span several regions, or may encompass the entire Institute depending on the scope of the group.  An Affinity Group is charged with examining a manufacturing sector or problem strategically and its members will bring their unique abilities, capabilities, and interests to engage the SM Platform™ as needed or desired.  The group will formulate the proper approach to the manufacturing sector or problem for the application of SM technologies.  During the CESMII proposal process, this group will develop the plan for the SM Testbed to be executed by the participating members and managed by a RMC.

This plan developed by the affinity groups will result in a concept paper that will be used by CESMII to evaluate the test bed and its affiliated projects for federal funding from the Institute.  The concept paper will tie the objectives to the Institute Goals and Priorities identified in the CESMII Technology Roadmap and describe the technical activities envisioned by the affinity group to meet those objectives.  After a project is approved, the affinity group becomes an advisory panel for the test bed that helps the RMC review the progress of the project.

See our current CESMII Smart Manufacturing Portfolio of Affinity Groups. 

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