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There are many moving parts to Smart Manufacturing, and CESMII is assembling all the pieces


A note from John Dyck, CEO of CESMII

The manufacturing software industry has – for far too long – been held hostage by the lack of standards around data contextualization, and the resulting, often-prohibitive cost to deploy solutions. Our recent announcement with the OPC Foundation, and the creation of a Joint Working Group (JWG) targeting this barrier will change that! This important new initiative will play a major role in accelerating the adoption and deployment of Smart Manufacturing solutions, with a dramatic impact on time to value for your manufacturing customers.

As you may have heard, we’ve been working on the creation of a standardized approach to enable ‘Plug and Play’ connectivity between applications and their data sources (SM Profiles). An important requirement to enable broad adoption is an industry standard repository for these Profiles, as well as the methods for retrieving Profiles from the repository (searching, retrieving, access control). The press release (link below) refers to this as the Cloud Library. CESMII’s implementation of it will be the SM Marketplace!

Press Release with OPC Foundation on the Cloud Library Working Group

News Release on the OPC Foundation Website

We’re excited about what this means for all SM application vendors and machine builders, and how this will reduce implementation complexity and enable much greater velocity of deployment of their software applications. But even more important is that this will dramatically lower the deployment cost of SM software solutions, whether for a small manufacturer or a large enterprise, and enable interoperability between applications from different vendors.

Press Conference with Google, Microsoft and CESMII


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