Digital Transformation is both a challenge and a journey.  Few organizations are equipped and ready.  Not all organizations know the priority of tasks or the complete path to follow.  As a result, there are an abundance of resources out there in the form of education and guidance.

The simplest takes the form of Digital Transformation Self-Assessments or a Digital Transformation Readiness Surveys.  These take many forms.  Some are marketing tools, to capture contact information in order to follow up with assistance.  The detail they cover varies greatly, but all are valuable in the basic education that they provide in terms of areas to focus on, and their ability to trigger a self-assessment of your current capabilities.  A Self-Assessment is a necessary starting point for any journey.  You may even want to have several members, from different departments in your organization, take these surveys, as the results may be eye opening, either highlighting the agreement or divergence of team opinions.

The CESMII Self-Assessment for Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing

CESMII is in the process of developing a Digital Transformation – Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 Self Assessment solution that you should see later in 2021.  In the meantime, we are happy to list some of the better tools that  we’ve found on the internet.  Tools that you will derive value from, a s they will force you to consider the areas of technology, security, education, ecosystem, that are all required for a successful outcome.


It is important to note that CESMII is different in terms of Digital Transformation guidance.  While others are delivering self-assessment support for the use of current Industry 4.0 Technologies, and are bound by their inherent limitations, CESMII is also delivering examples of new technology.  The SM Innovation Platform and Profiles architecture, will accelerate the adoption of Smart Manufacturing, including the small and medium enterprise level, that makes up over 98% of manufacturing.  We call that the democratization of Smart Manufacturing.


Your Digital Transformation journey also requires the proper set of goals, the “First Principles™”.  There are Seven First Principles that are defined by CESMII and they form the core dependencies for any Smart Manufacturing strategy to work. 


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CESMII First Principles

Digital Transformation, Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Self-Assessment Surveys

Emerson Electric (A CESMII Member) offers a Digital Maturity Model (DMM) Index

Emerson Electric offers their Digital Maturity Model Quick Index.  This survey will enable you to rank your position in 9 dimensions, and compare your results with others that have completed the survey.   The Quick Index will help you determine what operational areas are likely to yield the largest ROI and discover what digital transformation projects will tie to your business KPIs.

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Emerson DMM

The German acatech Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index

The acatech Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index is an outstanding example of acatech’s mission to promote cooperation between academia and industry. An interdisciplinary consortium of research institutions in different fields worked with partners from industry across every part of the industrial value chain to develop a methodology for establishing manufacturing companies’ current Industrie 4.0 maturity stage and identifying areas where further action is required. This systematic identification of weaknesses and opportunities provides the basis for formulating an implementation strategy. In short, this acatech STUDY offers manufacturing companies practical guidance for developing an individual Industrie 4.0 implementation strategy that is aligned with their business strategy.

The Industrie 4.0 Development Path

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acatech Maturity Model

The Singapore Government Smart Industry Readiness Index

The Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) was created by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) in partnership with a network of leading technology companies, consultancy firms, and industry and academic experts. SIRI comprises a suite of frameworks and tools to help manufacturers – regardless of size and industry – start, scale, and sustain their manufacturing transformation journeys. SIRI covers the three core elements of Industry 4.0: Process, Technology, and Organization.

Singapore Digital Transformation
Singapore Smart Industry Rediness Index

The German Fraunhofer Institute – Digital Transformation Assessment

The 7 Dimensions of digital position determination

Find out in which areas of digital transformation your company is already well positioned and which areas still have optimization potential. To do this, you will use a variety of questions to determine your company’s position in the following seven key areas:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Leadership and Corporate Culture
  • Organization and Processes
  • Employees and Competences
  • Technology
  • Products and Services
  • Supply Chain and Networks
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The German TUV Industry 4.0 Transformation Self-Assessment Survey

The value of I4.0 for manufacturing companies lies in the improved productivity, quality, speed and flexibility. I4.0 is all about agility, integration, hyper-connectivity, data and smart manufacturing principles implemented corporate-wide and in line with the company’s business goals.

Understanding the key principles, technologies and concepts of I4.0 is crucial in reaping the benefits as fast as possible to convert existing manufacturing sites and their supply chains into highly competitive, agile, integrated, data-based and sustainable systems.

TÜV SÜD is committed to supporting companies harness the potential of I4.0 and accelerate the transformation of the industrial sectors. Working closely with industry leaders, stakeholders and government authorities, and with more than 300 projects of multinational corporations, and small, medium sized businesses, we are ready to journey with you as the trusted partner to embark on a safe, secure and reliable I4.0 transformation.

The TUV assessment evaluates your Digital Transformation readiness along 6 dimensions.

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TUV Assessment


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